Measles is back. Really.

from Wayne Wood:

Measles is a bad thing that, at one time, almost every kid had to suffer through. This was mostly a week or so of feeling miserable, although a few people who get measles have terrible complications, and a few die. (I had measles in seventh grade, and had to miss a big field day/fun/rummage sale event at my school. Not that I am bitter.)

None of this is necessary. One of the great advancements human beings have achieved is the ability to prevent diseases with vaccines, and a good one exists to prevent measles. Yet here the disease is, making hundreds of people sick.

Vanderbilt’s Dr. Bill Schaffner is a tireless advocate for vaccines and the good they do, and there is an Associated Press story out today by medical writer Mike Stobbe in which Schaffner says, “This increase in cases may be a ‘new normal,’ unfortunately.”

There are so many diseases that are terrible for which there is no prevention or cure. It seems unbelievable that this one, that literally nobody should ever get, is now sickening people by the hundreds because we collectively won’t do the simple thing necessary to prevent it.

The whole AP story is here.


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