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Academic Careers


Conducting research and teaching at an institution of higher education.

implies that the Assistant Professor will be promoted to Associate Professor upon being recommended for tenure. Tenure is based upon accomplishments in research and teaching over the first 5-7 years in a position.

Non-tenure-track positions are usually governed by short-term contracts, and may or may not be renewable. Additionally, academic positions abroad may or may not be tenure based, depending on the traditions and hiring policies of that country.

Post-doctoral research positions, notably in the natural & physical sciences, may be expected before entering the job market for tenure-track positions. If you are unsure of the standard practice in your area of study, consult your faculty members

Seek advice from multiple sources: your chair, recent hires in your department, career development professionals. All have unique perspectives to offer. Following are specific topics to help you prepare for your job search:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) & References
Cover Letters
Applying for Tenure-Track Positions
Applying for Post-doc Positions
Research Statement
Teaching Philosophy
The Academic Interview
Salary Evaluation & Negotiation: Academic