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Applying for Tenure-Track Positions


Tenure-track positions (Assistant Professor) are the typical path into an academic career for many disciplines. For others, holding at least one post-doc is standard before going into a tenure-track job. Start laying the groundwork early, as the preparation alone can be quite time-consuming: begin writing your documents during the spring and summer before you apply for jobs in the fall. You’ll be glad you did!

Application Timeline:

  • Apply for jobs ONE YEAR before the position begins (apply in fall for jobs that begin the following fall)
  • Positions listed: August – December
  • First interviews: November – February (phone/Skype/conferences)
  • Second round, campus interviews: December – April
  • Offers extended:  March – June
  • New Positions begin: August – September
  • Exceptions: certain disciplines post in the spring; budget considerations may lead to “late entries,” with jobs posted in spring and summer; a few positions will begin teaching in spring semester (this is rare)
  • Discipline-specific information: ask your professors about the “hiring season” in your discipline; inquire as to whether first interviews take place at a national conference (if so, consider attending)
  • Non-U.S. institutions may operate on a different timeline. Since each country varies in hiring practices, do some research about each locale and the typical academic hiring timeline.

Where to Find Academic Jobs: