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Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Reference List

Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae

CV Handout and Examples

General Formatting

  1. No length limitations; may be many pages long
  2. Font size = 11/12 (name = 14/16); margins = 0.7” – 1.0”
  3. May use bullets or narrative paragraphs; avoid personal pronouns; avoid full sentences—begin each bullet or seim-sentence with a verb
  4. Add last name and page number in footer—smaller font size, italics

Contact information: name, address, phone, email

  1. Do NOT include the following: marital status, country of origin, birthdate, SSN
  2. Use one address (home or campus)—wherever you want to receive an offer letter; use one email address; may include professional website address (no personal info on webpages)

Typical Categories

  1. Education: all degrees listed
  2. Research Interests/Areas of Specialization
  3. Research Experience: dissertation is the “star of the show”; include title and advisor’s name, plus “abstract of your abstract” to describe your work; also include other substantial research in this section
  4. Teaching Experience: could precede Research for teaching-heavy positions; include TA work, sole instructor experience, Center for Teaching certificate, tutoring
  5. Publications (use subheadings of published, submitted, in preparation, conference proceedings, book chapters, etc); use citation style for your major journal
  6. Presentations (peer-reviewed regional, national, international meetings)
  7. Professional Experience (non-academic); if pertinent to the position (e.g., K-12 Teaching Experience; Engineering Industry Experience)
  8. Technical Skills (if important in your discipline)
  9. Professional Affiliations/Service (reviewer, organizer)
  10. Other Information: language skill, interests
  11. Other headings may be used, if relevant:  e.g., International Experience; Technical Reports

Keep your audience in mind

  1. Most important: research, teaching, professional record

Read, reread, and then have someone else read it

  1. No spelling, grammar mistakes; check for headings separated from content; create appropriate page breaks
  2. Double-check words in all capital letters:  spell-check does not check them


Reference List

  1. Include on last page of CV: keep all references on one page (usually 3-5 names)
  2. If job listing requests CV and List of References, create a separate list and send 2 documents
  3. Include name, title/relationship to you (e.g., Committee Member, Research Collaborator), address, phone and email