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Attire for Job Search

Proper Attire for a Job Search

  • Professional = Suit (for interviews)
  • Men:  dark suit (grey, navy blue, black); light-colored, button-up, well-pressed dress shirt; conservative print or solid color tie; dark dress shoes w/dark socks (match suit color)
  • Women:  dark suit (grey, navy blue, black, also dark green); light-colored, professional blouse (may be button-up blouse or “shell”); may be suit with pants or suit with skirt; skirt should be knee-length and not tightly fitting; dark, close-toed dress shoes, nylon hose optional (exception: they are required in health care field)
  • Hair/facial hair:  make sure hair is out of face–does not have to be pulled back, but do not constantly be pushing it out of your eyes/face; facial hair should be neatly and closely trimmed and groomed
  • Jewelry:  minimal, simple; one earring in each ear, no visible body piercings or tattoos
  • Perfume/Cologne:  preferably none or very minimal (don’t be remembered for the migraine you gave your interviewer); instead–take a shower, wash your hair, use deodorant that morning