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Locating Job Listings

Remember, networking is far more crucial to your non-academic job search than simply applying for jobs online. ALWAYS use job listings in conjunction with networking, not as your primary job search method.

  •  job listings for Humanities/Social Sciences and STEM
  • Science Careers:  science-related job listings
  • Chronicle of Higher Education: alternate academic (university staff); tenure-track/other teaching
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: non-profit sector
  • non-profit sector
  • federal government (spec. Students and Recent Graduates section)
  • DoreWays:  VU Center for Student Professional Development’s Job Listing system
  • web crawler–locates job listings based on keywords you designate
  • University Websites: most higher education institutions list jobs online, esp. non-faculty professional positions
  • Professional Associations, particularly applied or practice-based sections (e.g., American Sociological Association, Sociological Practice section)
  • State/City Government Websites (e.g., State of Tennessee)