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Non-Academic Job Support

  • Versatile career panels, discussions on non-academic careers (both Humanities/Social Sciences and STEM foci); PhD Career Finder: career profiles, successful job searches, archives of past panels (all VU students have access). Job listings: non-academic.
  • Nonprofit Tech For Good: 15 Online Job Boards for Nonprofit Professionals provides a list of databases with job listings in the nonprofit sector.
  • Basalla, Susan and Maggie Debelius. “So What Are You Going to do With That?”: Finding Careers Outside Academia. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007 (rev. ed.). ISBN 978-0-226-03882-7 (at VU Heard Library)
  • Book of Lists: published for numerous US cities. If relocating to particular metro area, helps one research what companies/organizations in a variety of industries may exist there. Available in hard copy at Walker Management Library; can be scanned to a flash drive.
  • Going Global: Helpful site for students seeking to work in other countries. H1B Info helpful for international students to see how many H1B petitions the company has filed in the past 12 months.
  • Uniworld (online resource through the VU Heard Library):  2 databases–US Companies Doing Business Abroadand Foreign Companies Doing Business in the US.  Locate companies operating in both the US and in another country.