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Meet David Wiseman

David Wiseman has enthusiastically explored his interests. From translating to editing to teaching, he has passionately pursued any opportunity to further his professional development, and it has served him well. His diversity of experience has allowed him to have many different positions. Instead of following a traditional career path, he has created one. Jessica Parks-Piatt:…

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Meet Tugba Gursel Sevin

Tugba Gursel Sevin feels very lucky to have grown up in a multilingual family and environment in her native land, Turkey.  She pulled from her own experiences of learning Spanish as a non-native speaker and applied that to being a language and literature teacher to other students whose first language was not Spanish.  While she…

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Meet Krista Craven

In my application to Vanderbilt, I outlined my interest in utilizing a less conventional approach to research, known as participatory action research (PAR).  PAR involves elucidating the main issues that are of relevance to a particular group or community through dialogue and collaborative data collection and analysis, and then creating and implementing a plan of…

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Meet Caree Banton

Growing up as a Caribbean immigrant in the US, history gave me a way to find my identity and orientation within the scope of humanity.  Though my parents wanted me to study computer science in order to find a lucrative career, my passion has always been and always will be history.  While at Vanderbilt, my…

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