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Meet Krista Craven

In my application to Vanderbilt, I outlined my interest in utilizing a less conventional approach to research, known as participatory action research (PAR).  PAR involves elucidating the main issues that are of relevance to a particular group or community through dialogue and collaborative data collection and analysis, and then creating and implementing a plan of…

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Meet Caree Banton

Growing up as a Caribbean immigrant in the US, history gave me a way to find my identity and orientation within the scope of humanity.  Though my parents wanted me to study computer science in order to find a lucrative career, my passion has always been and always will be history.  While at Vanderbilt, my…

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Andrew Greer, Research Associate at Westat

Meet Andrew Greer

While at Vanderbilt I focused my dissertation on the effectiveness and efficiency of homelessness prevention in California and New York.  The evaluation work I am doing now at Westat is a logical continuation of that.  For example, I build statistical models to evaluate whether homelessness services affect a variety of outcomes.  Compared to my program,…

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