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Can I allow other people to edit my website?

Posted by on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 in FAQ.

Yes. You can add additional users (as long as they have a VUnetID).

  1. Login to your site – and click on the USERS menu on the left.
  2. Choose ADD USER. Type in the person’s VUnetID and select the role you would like them to have:
    • Administrators have the same access to your site as you do (choose wisely!)
    • Editors can edit all pages of your website, but cannot change site settings/theme options
    • Authors can edit only pages they themselves create
    • Contributors can create new pages, but cannot publish
  3. Click ADD USER to add the person to your site.

  4. Final Step:
    • If the new user is ALREADY a user — then they will see your site the next time the login. No further actions is needed.
    • If the new user has NOT EVER used — then they will need to activate their account first. After activation, your site will be available for them. (Activate account link)