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Can I manually build my menu? How do I arrange the links in my navigation?

Posted by on Monday, October 3, 2011 in FAQ.

There are a few different ways you can handle your navigation.

By default – the menu is automatically built. The order is based on the order in which the pages were created.

Using Page Order to rearrange menu

You will most likely want to change this order.  If you still want to keep the AUTO built menu – then you can use the PAGE ORDER input box on each page to determine what order your pages will be in.


Using a Manual Menu

If you would like to manually build your menu (allows the most flexibility) – use the APPEARANCE -> MENUS screen.

First create a new menu on the right, type in “Main Menu” (or whatever you’d like to name your menu – these words will not display anywhere on your site). Click Save Menu.

Then you can put your pages into the menu and literally drag and drop them to where you’d like them to be. You can add links from other websites to your navigation using this screen as well (in the Custom Links section).

Once you have your menu in the order you’d like – be sure to click SAVE MENU.  Now we need to turn it on so that your website will use your manually created menu and not the automatic one.

  1. Go to APPEARANCE ->Vanderbilt Brand and click the plus sign next to General Site Settings.
  2. Change “Navigation Built from” to MANUAL.
  3. Type in your menu name in “Manual Menu Name” section.
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES up at the top.

Your website will now use your manually built menu. You can make changes to it at any time.