People / Opportunities

I am a recent transplant to Vanderbilt. Thus at the moment, my lab is small and I am currently recruiting at all levels.



Nathan Evans

Graduate Students

Tyler Taplin (Physics)

John Vastola (Physics)

Undergraduate Students

Sophia Druffner (Applied Mathematics)

Payton O’Daniels (Computer Science)


Graduate Students

If you are a current VU graduate student interested in working with me, let me know. I do welcome rotation students as well. For prospective graduate students, feel free to contact me by e-mail. Please note that you will however have to formally apply to and be accepted to a VU graduate program

Postdoctoral Scholars

I am currently recruiting postdocs. Please send a maximum one page statement describing your doctoral work, your career goals, and your reasons for wanting to join my lab. Please also include a copy of your current CV. Suitable candidates will additionally be asked to supply reference letters.

I am currently recruiting in┬áthe general area of …

1) Computational modelling in biology. I am being intentionally vague as I have a number of ongoing projects that fall under this heading and applications with a range of skills and interests will be considered. See my research page and recent publications for an idea of what those research projects are.

Undergraduate Students

I am always happy to supervise undergraduate research projects either during the summer or during the academic year. Note that my primary research is in computational modeling. Thus some (even if it is limited) experience and interest in computer programming is needed to join my lab. For appropriate students who’s interests align with certain projects in my lab, I may have limited funding (REU) to support research activities. If you would like to discuss opportunities in my lab, contact me by e-mail.

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