You sent me an email. Where did you get my information? 

Names and birth dates are made available to us through the birth records published by the State of Tennessee. We then searched for email addresses using Vanderbilt’s people finder database.

How old must my infant be to participate?

We run multiple studies in the lab with babies ranging from 2 to 32 months of age.

How long does the study take? 

A typical appointment will last about 45 minutes-1 hour, including time spent walking to our lab and filling out paperwork.

Can I bring my other children with me to the appointment?

Yes, we have lab staff that can play with your other children while you and your infant participate in the experiment.  We have a play area with toys and books where they can play! Please let us know if you plan to bring siblings so we can make sure an undergraduate research assistant is available to help out.

Do you have parking and do I have to pay for parking?

We have free reserved parking on campus for research participants.  We will have someone meet you in the parking lot at your appointment time and walk you up to the lab.

Do you offer compensation for participating?

For our current studies, you will receive some combination of small toys/prizes and gift cards.