Welcome to the Interactivity Lab at Vanderbilt, a snapshot of the people and projects currently underway that focus on how kids learn mathematics through interaction–with other people, with tools, with resources, and with their own histories and experiences.  The projects that are part of the Interactivity Lab have both pragmatic and theoretical foci. Pragmatically, we care a lot about creating spaces where kids can engage in mathematically rich and complex problem solving. In particular, we want to better understand how to make that kind of mathematical engagement the norm of all classrooms and for all kids.  Theoretically, our projects all seek to better understand how designed contexts for learning support, frame, and push back on students’ mathematical understanding.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our work, or if you want copies of any publications.


About Melissa Gresalfi

Melissa Gresalfi is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education and the Learning Sciences in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Vanderbilt University. Professor Gresalfi’s research considers cognition and social context by examining student learning as a function of participation in activity settings. Following a situative perspective on learning, she has investigated the development of dispositions towards learning in mathematics classrooms by examining how opportunities to learn are constructed in mathematics classrooms, and how, when, and why different students take up those opportunities. Using this lens, Gresalfi has explored the extent to which classroom practices are equitable and examined categories such as race, gender, and previous mathematical experience as they arise in interaction.
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