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Melissa Gresalfi is an Associate Professor in Mathematics and the Learning Sciences at Vanderbilt University. Her research investigates two interconnected issues: how aspects of instructional practice shape the opportunities to learn that are offered and realized by students; and how instructional designs lead to the development of new understandings and dispositions to learn more broadly. In studying dispositions, Gresalfi’s research examines the mechanisms that underlie the ways that dispositions are enacted in moments of interaction, and how aspects of classroom practice impact this enactment. Her faculty profile can be found here.

Amanda Bell is a doctoral student in Learning Sciences at Vanderbilt University. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Tufts University with a minor in Mathematics. Amanda has experiences working with students both in and out of school, doing classroom research and teaching dance classes. Besides her work with Dr. Gresalfi’s research projects, she is also interested in computer science education and how people learn about computational thinking.

Kate Chapman has a B.A. in Russian from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and received her M.Ed. from Vanderbilt. She is interested in working to build better bridges between formal and informal learning environments, which is an idea she started thinking about while tutoring, but really became personally attached to after leading field trips at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. To begin, she is looking at issues of identity, creating resources for building disciplinary identity, and fostering the critical engagement and integration of academic values and broader community values.

Isaac Nichols




Panchompoo (Fai) Wisittanawat is a doctoral student in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Vanderbilt University. She has a B.A. in Physics and Educational Studies from Swarthmore College, PA. Fai is interested in understanding disciplinary practices of mathematics and science and designing classroom environments that support students’ engagement with those practices in ways that are meaningful to them. Fai plays traditional Thai and Balinese music, and has helped teach children to play those musics in and out of school.


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