2017 Open for Rotations

Yes!  We are open for rotations as of 2017.  Dr. Jonathan Irish’s office is in PRB 740B.  If you are interested in a potential rotation, please read the information below and contact Jonathan by e-mail to set up a time to share your scientific background, talk through opportunities, and to meet lab members.

We expect to recruit ~1 student per year going forward as our current graduate students are finishing up and new funding is starting.  Projects will be tailored to fit the interests of the student and available opportunities. Students will work with Dr. Irish to select an appropriate Graduate Program and identify appropriate qualifying exam and thesis committee members.

Active research areas include:

  1. Neural stem cell and immune cell signaling interactions in brain tumors.
    Projects in this area will focus on basic neuroscience, the brain tumor microenvironment, cell signaling interactions in the brain’s stem cell niche, and/or tumor immunology.  A full time Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar with a background in tumor immunology and T cell biology will be starting in the Irish & Ihrie labs in January 2018 on this project.  This project is conducted in collaboration with members of the Ihrie lab and students may work with Irish lab members including Daniel Liu, Nalin Leelatian, Caroline Roe, and Allison Greenplate.  This project will provide ample opportunity to be part of a translational research team with postdoctoral mentors.
  2. Machine learning algorithms that identify healthy and malignant human cell types.
    Projects in this area will focus on creating new computational tools and quantitative algorithms to reveal and characterize new populations of cells and patients.  These projects will rely on a background in quantitative sciences and would benefit from computer programming experience, although it is not strictly required.  This project may be conducted in collaboration with Irish lab members including Kirsten Diggins, Hannah Polikowsky, and Jocelyn Gandelman.  This project will emphasize dry lab computational biology and bioinformatics approaches.
  3. Immune mechanisms of disease and therapy response.
    Projects in this area will focus on characterizing effector and regulatory cell subsets and signaling in human bone marrow, blood, germinal center, and tissue microenvironments.  Disease areas may include lymphoma, leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, and graft vs. host disease.  This project would benefit from a background in immune cell biology.  This project may be conducted in collaboration with Irish lab members including Caroline RoeHannah Polikowsky, Jocelyn Gandelman, and Allison Greenplate.  This precision medicine project will provide opportunities to work on human clinical trials and will be well-matched to an independent graduate student in cellular immunology or blood cancer.

All projects include study of primary human tissue or tumors and use single cell approaches.  Our group is highly collaborative, and additional projects exist in other cancer areas (lung cancer, melanoma), chemical biology / pharmacology, and more.  Rotations begin with training in our core technologies, such as phospho-specific flow cytometry, mass cytometry, and single cell data analysis.

Read more about what to expect in the Irish lab.

E-mail Dr. Jonathan Irish

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