Join the Irish Lab @ Vanderbilt

Join the Irish Lab @ Vanderbilt

We aim to foster a diverse and exciting research atmosphere in the Irish lab by recruiting a mix of graduate students, postdocs, physician scientists, undergraduates and staff working on integrative, interdisciplinary projects.

Incoming graduate students: Yes, we are open for rotations!

Please check to see open positions we’re recruiting for your career stage, read about what to expect, and get familiar with the lab’s background and approach before contacting Dr. Irish.  We are looking for flags that indicate you are somewhat familiar with our lab, specifically.  If you have an idea for a great experiment or project, we can’t wait to hear.

What if I have my own money and/or what if I did awesome work before and I’m likely to get funded?  Yes!  People with a particular interest or vision are always welcome to suggest an opportunity.  Please pick the appropriate recruiting section for details (or mention the “awesomeness clause” from the lab website and explain the opportunity briefly).

E-mail Dr. Jonathan Irish