Ph.D. Postdocs

Exceptional postdoctoral researchers will be considered.

Prospective Postdocs should e-mail Dr. Jonathan Irish and include:

  1. A short (2-3 paragraph) ‘cover letter’ as the text of the e-mail that explains your specific interest in the lab.  Please explain what aspects of the Irish lab are a good fit for your scientific interests and career goals.
  2. A curriculum vitae, including a list of publications with short descriptions after your main publications noting your role and a contribution of that work to the field.
  3. If we’ve met before or I might know your work through a connection, please mention this briefly in the e-mail.
  4. If you have an idea for a project that you think is a good fit for my laboratory, please mention this briefly.
  5. Make sure to say something that indicates you’ve read this webpage and are at least a little familiar with our research.

Track record of peer-reviewed publications will be strongly considered when evaluating prospective postdocs.  Papers under review will not be considered, but papers in press will.