Current Courses

Fall 2017:

EES 3310/5310, Global Climate Change.

MWF 9:10-10:00, Buttrick 306
Laboratory: Monday 2:10-5:00 PM, Stevenson 2200

Science and policy of global climate change: physics and chemistry of climate system; climate change in Earth’s past; evidence of human impacts on climate; future climate change and its economic, social, and ecological consequences; economic, technological, and public policy responses. Prerequisite: one of 1030, 1080, 1510, PHYS 1501, 1601, 1901, CHEM 1601, BSCI 1510, ECON 1010, or ES 1401. Repeat credit for 2110. Students who have earned credit for 2110 will earn only one credit hour for this course [4] (MNS)


Spring 2017:

EES 4760/5760: Agent- and Individual-Based Computational Modeling

TR 8:10-10:50, Stevenson 2200 (tentative and subject to change)
Applications in natural, social, and behavioral sciences and engineering. Designing, programming, and documenting models. Using models for experiments. Examples from environmental science, ecology, economics, urban planning, and medicine. Familiarity with basic statistics and proficiency in algebra are expected. [3] (MNS)

Textbooks: (subject to change)


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