Twitter Assignment: Two Tweets for your Two Cents on JS256

Hi JS256 Students,

Firstly, thank you everyone for the great participation this morning with the timeline exercise. I hope you all found it useful in some way and the digital version will go live in a couple of days.

Secondly, I realize many of you are skeptical if not downright against using twitter for this week’s assignment. I understand your position but I would ask you to try this assignment and be open-minded. While twitter is often seen as the abyss of breakfast posts and the destruction of language, this week’s assignment is intended to expand our discussions to outside the classroom in a way that is more fluid and useful than blackboard. Instead of thinking of twitter as your nemesis, think of it as an information aggregator. When you type in the #JS256, you can now see what your peers are thinking and questioning of the readings, and I encourage you to respond to their ideas.

Now a few guidelines…
1. If you don’t have a twitter account, here is a step by step guide for setting one up. . It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

2. If you already have a twitter account, I would strongly encourage you you must either post your tweets as unprotected or create a separate twitter account if you wish to keep your personal account separate (highly recommended). How to create multiple twitter accounts can be found here .

3. Please make sure your twitter user name is the same as your actual name so that we know who you are. EDIT: If you feel uncomfortable posting under your name, email the section with your username so that we know your virtual identity. I want to be certain to give credit where credit is due.

4. Please use appropriate language and be respectful. With 140 characters, abbreviations are required but this is a class assignment and I expect you to treat it the same as posting to blackboard. While disagreement is allowed, always remember to be civil.

5. For this assignment, I expect two tweets of original content. You are free to retweet or respond, but I want to see your reactions, thoughts or questions about the readings.

6. For those new to twitter, the way it works is that you have 140 characters to express your ideas. Be sure to include #JS256 in your post. If you want to find other posts, type in #JS256 into the search and it will pull up the stream.

7. All tweets must be submitted BY Thursday February 7 at midnight to qualify for credit.  Any tweets later than midnight will not count towards the assignment grade.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and please start thinking about paper topics. If you have questions about the assignment, feel free to email me or stop by my office hours next week. For those who are still not sold on the assignment, we can discuss alternative assignments after next week such as response papers to the readings.


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