About Zoe

Hi JS256!

My name is Zoe LeBlanc and I’m your Discussion Section Leader for JS256 Power and Diplomacy in the Middle East. I’m currently a second year graduate student in the doctoral program of Vanderbilt University’s History Department.  My research focuses on twentieth century diplomatic history of the Middle East, North Africa and the United States.  I’m originally from Toronto, Canada and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto.  I’m fluent in French and intermediate level fluency in Arabic.

Please feel free to email me at zoe.leblanc@vanderbilt.edu if you have any questions or to inform me if you will be missing discussion section.  In addition, I have office hours Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9 to 10 in Buttrick Carrel 3-60.  If you cannot make those hours, we can schedule an alternate appointment.  I will try to reply to all emails as quickly as possible but please try to avoid last minute emails before exams or paper due dates.

If you would rather contact Prof. Schwartz or Prof. Carroll, their emails are respectively: thomas.a.schwartz@vanderbilt.edu and katherine.carroll@vanderbilt.edu.

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