Webinar – Using 19th century news articles in intermediate to advanced L2 French courses

Webinar by Cara Bailey

Cite this: Bailey, Cara. “Webinar – Using 19th Century News Articles in Intermediate to Advanced L2 French Courses.” Second Language Studies, Vanderbilt University, my.vanderbilt.edu/L2studies/webinar-19th-century-news-articles-in-intermediate-to-advanced-L2-French-courses.

In the webinar below, Cara Bailey will explore the use of authentic, historical non-fiction, in this case 19th century news article, in courses for intermediate to advanced L2 students at the college level. By the end of the webinar, university instructors should be able to: state the benefits of using such authentic texts in the classroom; create their own lesson using news articles; empower other instructors to do likewise.

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