Lacy Paschal

About Me

I’m mom to a three year old, Hayden and step-mom to this amazing foursome:  Simon (15), Andy (12), Shelby (23) and Nicole (23), and Mom-in-Law (!) to Shelby’s husband Jake!

Married to fellow geek, Justin who also works with United Healthcare. We stay busy keeping up with everyone — spending lots of time in Arkansas and East Tennessee with various pockets of family. We recently adopted a Weimaraner puppy, Ruby. Potty training a 3 year old and a puppy at the same time was a great idea (said no one ever!) 

Breakout Nashville with all the kids except Hayden (who is too young to play Breakout!)

I love flowers — and do large-scale arrangements for weddings, events, churches as a hobby.  Going to the wholesale flower market has an immediate effect on my whole person … it gives me immediate joy to look at all the flowers and pick the ones I want to work with to make something fun and beautiful!

I love reading, working out in our yard, and DIY projects… when a miracle occurs and we’re home with nothing going on 😉