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September, 2017

The Ongoing Criminal Case Against a San Diego Marijuana Law Attorney

Back in May 2017, the San Diego County District Attorney filed criminal charges against a medical marijuana dispensary (Med West) for allegedly producing concentrated cannabis oil using dangerous chemicals. I discuss the key statute involved in the case on pages 305-07 of my book. Even more notably, the district attorney also filed charges against the…

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New Article Proposes Expanded State Protections for Marijuana Trademarks

As discussed in my book (pages 406-412), marijuana suppliers currently cannot obtain federal protection for their trademarks (or other intellectual property). Some states do provide protection for marijuana trademarks, but that protection is often limited (n. 4, page 411). But Russ Jacobs, who is corporate counsel at Starbucks, has proposed a novel way to expand…

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Are Physicians Being Adequately Trained to Recommend Marijuana to Their Patients?

Just because a state legalizes medical marijuana doesn’t mean that physicians will necessarily recommend the drug to their patients. Indeed, surveys have shown that only a small percentage of physicians in medical marijuana states have recommended the drug to their patients or plan to in the future (page 616 of my book). As I discuss…

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Iowa Officials Urged Not to Permit Importation of CBD from Minnesota

The Iowa Attorney General’s office just advised the state health department not to authorize two Minnesota medical marijuana dispensaries to supply medical marijuana to Iowa residents. If heeded, the advice would nullify a novel provision of Iowa’s nascent medical marijuana program. The provision, adopted as part of a package of reforms in May 2017, calls…

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