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Massachusetts Medical Society Launches New Cannabis Curriculum

Posted by on Monday, December 4, 2017 in News, Updates.

As I discussed in this earlier post and in the book (pages 616-618), many physicians remain reluctant to recommend marijuana to their patients because they never received training concerning the drug. To remedy that lack of training, the Massachusetts Medical Society has just launched an interesting new Cannabis Curriculum for Continuing Medical Education. The Society’s website describes the new Curriculum as follows:

“The Comprehensive Cannabis Curriculum is an extensive course that is designed to introduce the clinician to the details of the endocannabinoid system and its interactions with medical cannabis.  The course builds on this foundation to address cannabis administration, dosing, contraindications, metabolism and drug interactions.  Studies addressing the physiologic, cognitive and mental health effects of cannabis are reviewed in detail. In addition, Modules 8 through 16 are focused on the medical use of cannabis for ten distinct disease states. These courses significantly expand the Massachusetts Medical Society’s continuing medical education courses in cannabis and its use for medicinal purposes.”

The full description with links to its 16 modules comprising more than 20 hours of CME credit can be found here. This appears to be the most extensive cannabis training program for physicians in the country.


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