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July, 2018

UPDATE: The Criminal Case Against a San Diego Marijuana Attorney has Settled

Back in September 2017, I blogged about the criminal case against a San Diego marijuana law attorney, Jessica McElfresh, and her client, Med West. The case began in January 2016, when San Diego officials raided Med West, a medical marijuana dispensary. The county suspected Med West had been illegally manufacturing concentrated cannabis oil. But the…

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Only One State Has Not Yet Legalized Marijuana in Some Form . . .

While updating some of the charts and figures in my book, I discovered that, since early May, 2018, only one state in the nation has not yet legalized marijuana in some form for at least medical purposes. I won’t keep you waiting: it’s Idaho. At the start of the year, Idaho had some company. Kansas…

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New York State Department of Health Releases Report on Legalization

The New York Department of Health just released its report on legalization of marijuana in the empire state. The report had been commissioned by Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in January, 2018. The full report can be found here. The news media has previously discussed some contents of the report, but this is the first time the…

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