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August, 2018

Court Dismisses Civil RICO Suit Against Marijuana Supplier, Tees Up Potential Circuit Split

[Updated 8/30 to add two new sources with useful background on these lawsuits.] Last week, the US District Court for the District of Oregon dismissed a civil RICO lawsuit brought by a landowner against a neighboring marijuana supplier. The full decision in Ainsworth v. Owenby is available here; page citations below are to the linked…

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Visualizing Different State Labeling Requirements

Most states that have legalized the commercial supply of marijuana require licensed suppliers to affix special labels to their marijuana products (see book pages 456-462). Among other things, these labels are supposed to inform consumers about what’s in the product (e.g., its THC concentration) and warn consumers about the health risks associated with consuming it…

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Recapping 3 Notable Federal Developments Affecting Marijuana Law in 2018

The title of this post was the focus of my remarks on a panel at the 2018 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) annual summit in Los Angeles, held at the end of July. The panel drew a packed room, attesting to state lawmakers’ interest in marijuana law and policy. You can watch the full…

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