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November, 2018

UPDATE: State Judge Holds Use of Race in Ohio Medical Marijuana Licensing Unconstitutional

Nov. 20, 2018—A state trial judge has just held that Ohio’s use of racial preferences in the award of state medical marijuana cultivation licenses violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (and the Ohio state constitution). The full decision in PharmaCann Ohio, LLC v. Ohio Department of Commerce can be found at Pharmacann Ohio v....

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UPDATE: Voters in 3 of 4 States Approve Marijuana Legalization Measures

Nov. 7, 2018—The poll results from the fall 2018 election are now in. Voters in 3 of 4 states approved marijuana legalization measures. Michigan voters approved Proposal 1 by 56% to 44%, making Michigan the 11th state (if we include D.C.) to legalize recreational marijuana. North Dakota voters rejected a recreational legalization measure (Measure 3) by 60%...

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Podcast on Good Law, Bad Law

Nov. 2, 2018—Readers might be interested in a recent podcast I did with Aaron Freiwald, a Philly area attorney who runs an excellent podcast series called Good Law, Bad Law. The series is conversational in style and covers a host of legal topics — my conversation with Aaron, for example, spanned a number of subjects relating to marijuana law....

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UPDATE: Plaintiff Loses Colorado RICO Lawsuit (Safe Streets)

Nov. 1, 2018—As reported by various new outlets (see links below), the jury in the Safe Streets case (now known as Reilly v. 6480 Pickney, LLC) rejected the plaintiff-landowners’ civil RICO claims against a state-licensed marijuana supplier. I discuss the plaintiffs’ claims in an earlier post here and in the book (pages 403-406). Although the defendant (and...

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