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September, 2019

Interesting New Student Note on Application of ADA to Marijuana Dispensaries

Chris Conrad, a law student at Georgetown, has written a very interesting new paper on an issue that had previously escaped my attention: Whether the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to marijuana dispensaries (e.g., whether those dispensaries must make themselves accessible to persons with disabilities). The issue is of particular salience to medical marijuana…

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How Can / Should Regulators Respond to the Vaping Illness Scare?

[Updated 9/27 to reflect new information from the CDC and to add one new observation on the timing of these illnesses.] In the last few months, doubts have surfaced about the safety of vaping, due to a surge in reports of vaping-linked lung illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that, as…

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UPDATE: Utah Scraps State Marijuana Distribution Plan

As I noted last fall (see here), Utah was set to become the first state in the nation to directly participate in the distribution of marijuana. Under the State’s compromise medical marijuana law, the state planned to buy medical marijuana from licensed private cultivators and then distribute that marijuana to qualified patients through local health departments….

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