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November, 2019

California Issues (Draft) Formal Ethics Opinion for Attorneys Advising Marijuana Clients

Nov. 14, 2019—It escaped my attention earlier, but it looks like the California Bar Association in June issued guidance for California-licensed attorneys informing them of what legal services they may (and may not) ethically provide to marijuana clients. The 16 page opinion from the State Bar Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (COPRAC) can be found...

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The Evolving Federal Response to State Marijuana Reforms

Nov. 4, 2019—I have just posted a new article discussing how the federal government’s response to state marijuana reforms has evolved over the past 23 years (and through 4 presidential administrations). Readers might be especially interested in the last section of the article, where I discuss how the federal response to state reforms is likely to change...

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Does Terminology Matter? “Marijuana”, “Cannabis”, and Public Opinion

Nov. 1, 2019—Over the last several years, there has been a steady shift in the term people use to refer to the drug commonly known as “marijuana.” Namely, people have begun to shun “marijuana” in favor of “cannabis.” The shift in terminology stems at least in part from the belief that the word “marijuana” conjures up various...

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