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December, 2019

Updates to Help Organize the Posts on this Website

I have just updated two pages under the Resources tab. These pages should help readers manage what has become a very complicated body of law and policy. They organize my blog posts (the Updates) in two different ways: Updates and New Materials by Topic – Identifies the specific section(s) in my book for which each post is most relevant….

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May Competitive Athletes Use Marijuana?

The question posed by the title of this post is inspired by news that Major League Baseball (MLB) will no longer test or sanction players for using marijuana. The change is one of several the league and its Players Association recently agreed to make to their 2006 Joint Drug Program (JDP). The joint announcement of…

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What are the Harms of CBD Use? Making Sense of the FDA’s Recent Warning

In late November 2019, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public about consuming cannabidiol (CBD). See FDA, What You Need to Know About CBD. It appears the FDA issued the warning because of booming demand for CBD products. From the FDA’s Announcement: “You may have noticed that cannabidiol (CBD) seems to be…

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