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‘cannabis administration and opportunity Act’

Comments on the Proposed Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act (“CAOA”)

Aug. 27, 2021—This summer, a working group of prominent United States Senators proposed a new bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level. Building on earlier iterations of the MORE Act, the draft Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act (“CAOA”) constitutes the most comprehensive federal reform proposal to date. A detailed summary of the measure can be found...

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New Article on the Hidden Problems Posed by Federal Legalization, and a New Way to Address Them

Aug. 23, 2021—Scott Bloomberg (Maine Law Professor) and I have just written a new article that comprehensively catalogues the problems that might arise if Congress were to suddenly legalize marijuana and thereby unleash the Dormant Commerce Clause (DCC) on the states. (As I’ve explained elsewhere, see here, I think the DCC may already be on the loose...

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