Application for our circle consists of three steps, which must be completed by a parent or a legal guardian of the student. In order to apply, you need to provide all the required information.

Step 1: Read the important rules below.

  1. We will meet weekly on Saturdays. The first meeting will be on September, 24.
  2. If the student is younger than 16 years old, she must be brought to the class and met after the class by an adult. Please notice: for security reasons we can not allow anyone younger than 16 y.o. to come without an adult!
  3. If the student is 16 y.o. or older, she can come by herself (see the form in the Step 3).
  4. The student should be in the 6-12 grade (or be of age of a middle or high-school student).
  5. On the first meeting, we will have an entrance test. Not everyone will be admitted. If a student is admitted, we will notify you by an email.
  6. The student should bring her pen or pencil, and notebook to every class. We suggest two notebooks: one for theoretical part, and one for the problem session.

Step 2: Complete the application form .

Step 3: Complete following form. You will need to bring it to the first meeting!

After completing these steps, you will receive an email from us with some information about the first meeting. If the student is admitted, you will receive another email with more information.

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