For current students

There is no class on November 28 due to the Thanksgiving holiday break in Vanderbilt University.

Saturday, November 7. The Euler theorem, problem solving (Mark Sapir, Alexander Reznikov)

Saturday, October 31. Problem solving with Oleksandr Vlasyuk.

Saturday, October 24. Number theory 2 (lecturer: Alex Reznikov).

Saturday, October 17. No class: the Fall break. We shall continue on October 24.

Saturday, October 10. Geometry problem solving (lecturer: Mark Sapir). Here are the problems that we solved during the first hour of the class.

Saturday, October 3. Guest lecturer: Rares Rasdeaconu (Vanderbilt). We will continue planar geometry. Here are the problems from this meeting. Problems 1,2,3,4,8 were discussed in class.

Saturday, September 26. Guest lecturer: Ioana Suvaina (Vanderbilt). We will start planar geometry.

Saturday, September 12 We shall meet at 2:55 in Calhoun Hall. The meeting will be in Room 109, parents can stay in Room 104. We shall discuss divisibility of integers.

Saturday, September 5 We shall meet at 2:30 in Calhoun Hall, room 103. Parents can stay in room 104 (or 109). At 2:35 we start a test. The goal is not to determine who qualifies for the math circle (everybody qualifies) but to determine what kind of math we are going to study. The test will last till 3:45. Then we shall discuss solutions. The parents should pick up students at 4:20 (from the Calhoun Hall). The interactive map of Vanderbilt campus is here. Please bring paper and pencils for the test.

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