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Past Projects

This page records past projects, including the mentor-mentee pairings, the topics they worked through, and the texts used.

Spring 2019:

(Co-organized by the Vanderbilt Math Club)

Mentee: Marcus Min
Mentor: Hayden Jananthan
Project Topic: Foundations of Mathematics
Readings: A Tour Through Mathematical Logic, Robert S. Wolf

Mentee: Yan Xu
: Sam Rizzo
Project Topic: Metric Spaces and Geometry

Mentee: Elijah Sheridan
Mentor: Robert Saskowski
Project Topic: Group Theory and Mathematical Physics

Mentee: Kevin Gomez
Mentor: Zack Tripp
Project Topic: Elementary and Analytic Number Theory
Readings: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory, Tom M. Apostol

Mentee: Connor Lehmacher
Mentor: Frank Wagner
Project Topic: Geometric Group Theory
Readings: Algebra, Michael Artin and Topology, James Munkres