Mentoring philosophy

The Patel Lab values mentorship. Experienced lab members have the opportunity to mentor new members (e.g., rotation and undergraduate students). While mentor/mentee relations require a serious and continuous commitment from both the mentor and the mentee, it can be a positive and a rewarding experience for both. For the mentor, it provides an opportunity to pay it forward, learn effective science communication, develop leadership skills, and enlist help in their research. The mentee benefits from having someone show them the ropes, help them integrate into scientific communities, and guide them towards research independence and autonomy. Positive mentor/mentee relations are a wonderful way to make discoveries and to push science forward, while allowing mentors and mentees to engage in personally rewarding and meaningful interactions. Indeed, there’s joy in developing mentor/mentee relationships. It’s also fun to share science with others and to celebrate each other’s achievements. Equally important, mentorship offers an opportunity for both the mentor and the mentee to grow and achieve their full potential. By recognizing and respecting the unique experiences, strengths, and perspectives that each brings to the table, we have seen firsthand how mentors and mentees can achieve goals that would not be possible without each other.