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Who Impacted Sicilian Culture the Most?

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Here is the link to the “game” I created for my final project to see who they choose to be most influential to Sicilian culture. Essentially this game is completely dependent on the person playing it and their answer choices. Questions are given and the player must choose the choice they think they align the most with. There are many different pathways with different outcomes. For instance one player may be very clear on who they think influenced Sicily and only receive 6 or 7 questions whereas another player might need upwards of 15-20 questions to figure out who they think influenced Sicily the most. Additionally, the questions are weighted differently so although a few answers may align with the Greeks, if a very heavily weighted question aligns more with the Muslims, then that might sway the final result. The player does not get to see all the pathways. Here is a picture of what behind the scenes looks like.

Behind the scenes

Each box is either a question or scenario, some are duplicates depending on the pathways. The individual lines are pathways that the player could possibly take. As you can see there are over hundreds of different pathway possibilities.

The majority of questions throughout the pathways are the same, not all of them get asked, but even if two pathways lead in completely opposite directions, many of the same questions will be asked. As far as end results, there are groups that had a significantly higher contribution to Sicilian culture than others. Some end results are harder to obtain. As far as grading purposes go here are screenshots of the end results of each group so that you can see all the end results without having to figure out the system and how to get to all the end pathways.








Sources used

“Sicily: Three Thousand Yeas of Human History”

Class Notes and Discussion



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