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Interview with Vittoria Cirello on the Role of Women in Sicily

At around 11:15 am on May 22 I interviewed Vittoria Cirello, our tour guide for many of our excursions around Sicily and the director of the language school Culturforum. I asked her several questions about her day-to-day life here in Sicily and the role of women in Sicilian culture. Vittoria lives in a small village…

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Video Tour: Cefalú

Check out my video tour of historic Cefalú! Cefalú history tour  

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Traffic Lights? What?

After spending two and a half weeks in Cefalú, I feel as though I’ve become accommodated to the flow of daily life here. For example, at this point it neither surprises nor scares me to see a motorcycle or car come racing down the street half a foot from where I’m walking. I’ve become used…

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Takeaways from Hiking Mount Etna

Hiking Mount Etna was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. When I saw a hike on the syllabus, I was expecting an easy, leisurely walk around the volcano. When our guide appeared on our bus with a warm hat, mittens, a rain jacket, and walking sticks, however, I realized that the hike…

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Aeolian Island Adventures

Two days ago, a couple of us took a boat over to the Aeolian Islands for the day. The opportunity came up last minute, and we signed up without having much of an idea what to expect. We left from Cefalú around 8:30 am and traveled to the islands by boat. Once we arrived at…

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The Washing Machine: Another Lesson in Italian

After my failed attempt to hand wash my clothes last week, I finally decided to plug in our rusty washing machine and give it a try. Based on what I’d heard from the girls who have used their washing machine before, I knew that it would use a lot of electricity, I unplugged everything from…

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Observational Blog: Cefalú Beach Culture

Today at around 12:10 PM I sat down on the round steps by the beach to observe the scene around me. Men and women ranging from teenagers to older adults were scattered across the beach. All of the women beachgoers that I could see wore bikinis, but some had dresses or shorts that covered parts…

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Elymians, Greeks, and the UN: International Relationships Past and Present

One of my most memorable experiences in Sicily so far has been our trip to Segesta. The Elymian temple was stunning and so unlike any building or structure in America. Since America is such a young country, we really don’t have any ruins. It’s hard to conceptualize the longevity of the structure because I am…

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