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One on One interview: Education

I did a one on one interview with a woman named Caterina from Bagheria, and she has been a teacher for 15 years. She teaches Italian at Cultureforum (mostly to Germans and English speakers) and typically teaches a very small class. She decided to become a teacher because she had studied English and German at…

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This weekend was our free weekend, and 6 of my friends and I went to Florence! After we arrived, we walked all the way from the train station to our Air Bnb (about a 20-minute walk), and you could definitely tell we were in a bigger and nicer city. The streets were lined with high…

Posted by on May 29, 2017 in 2017 Blog post

Monreale: The Cathedral

On Tuesday, the class took a trip to the town of Monreale which is in the province of Palermo. We explored the town, but most importantly, we got to see the Cathedral. Walking into it was breathtaking, and it is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. There is an overwhelming amount…

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Sleeping (sort of) and social life in Cefalú

While I have faced many challenges here in Cefalú, the hardest has been trying to sleep. My roommates and I live in the apartments right next to the beach, which has its advantages, but we also live right above at least 3 bars and multiple restaurants. While this has allowed us to observe the night…

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Piazza Armerina: Villa Romana

For one of our site visits, we went to Piazza Armerina and got to tour Villa Romana del Casale, a villa built in the 4th Century. Although we have seen so many incredible sites on this trip, I still have trouble really understanding that what I am looking at was built so long ago. When…

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An Afternoon at Duomo

This afternoon, I sat on the steps of the church at Duomo and observed from about 5-5:30 pm. Duomo is a piazza with different restaurants and cafes and a large church that attracts many tourists. While people do not dress up do go to Duomo, the people of Cefalú seem to dress nicer on a…

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Exploring the Farmer’s Market

This morning after class, a few of us ventured over to the farmers’ market. The walk was longer than we expected, and much harder to find because there are absolutely no signs. We asked a couple of people and eventually found our way, but each person gave a different answer for how long the walk…

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