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Caglar Oskay delivered an invited talk at NASA Langley Research Center- 11/21/2019

Posted by on Thursday, November 21, 2019 in News.

Lecture Title: Multiscale Approach to Progressive Damage Analysis in Composite Materials – New Developments

Location: NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.


Concurrent multiscale modeling approaches (e.g., computational homogenization) offer a promising path to achieving the desired predictive capability in progressive damage analysis and failure response of composite materials and structures. Unfortunately, since their inception, progress has been slow because of several important technical challenges, including very high computational cost of structural analyses using the concurrent multiscale methods, existence (or lack thereof) of the representative volume concept in problems that involve failure and fracture, spurious mesh dependency of the results, among others. In this talk, we present new developments in multiscale modeling of failure response of composite materials and structures that address many of the aforementioned technical limitations, and offer a pathway towards physics-based prediction of failure in composites. We will particularly focus on failure modeling of laminated carbon-fiber reinforced polymer composites and demonstrate the new modeling developments in the context of laminated configurations. The first part of the talk is devoted to achieving a consistent (to alleviate RVE existence issues), reduced-order (to alleviate computational cost), and mesh size objective multiscale model for modeling composite laminates under tension loading. In the second part of the talk, we propose a new, multiscale fiber kinking model to predict failure under compressive loads.