Graduate Student Coursework

Vanderbilt University 2016-Present

19th Century Realisms (Raisa Rexer, Spring 2018)
Francophone Literature (Anthère Nzbatsinda, Spring 2018)

Francophone Caribbean (Paul Miller, Fall 2017)
French Feminisms (Nathalie Debrauwere-Miller, Fall 2017)
French Film (Andrea Mirabile, Fall 2017)
Nineteenth-Century French Literature: Émile Zola (Robert Barsky, Spring 2017)
Seventeenth-Century French Literature (Holly Tucker, Spring 2017)
Medieval French Literature (Lynn Ramey, Spring 2017)

French Literary Theory (William Franke, Fall 2016)
Applied French Linguistics (Virginia Scott, Fall 2016)
Introduction to Research (Todd Hughes and Lynn Ramey, Fall 2016)
Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (Stacey Johnson, Fall 2016)

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