3/29/2014 Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent will participate in a roundtable “Syriac Studies: What’s still Missing and What’s To Come”

Posted by on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 in public presentations.

Prof. Saint-Laurent will discuss her digital humanities work with Syriaca.org among other aspects of Syriac studies as part of The Fifth Dorushe Graduate Student Conference on Syriac Studies to be held in 2014 at Duke University.

Here are some demonstration links for that presentation:

The Syriac Gazetteer: http://syriaca.org/geo/

Additional Documentation:


Sample Full Entry: Edessa: http://syriaca.org/place/78
Sample Entry Waiting for Dorushe Participants to Enrich It: http://syriaca.org/place/139

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