Working Papers

Engel, M., Claessens, A., Watts, T.W., & Farkas, G. (under review). The Misalignment of Kindergarten Mathematics Content Misalignment Replication_rr not anonymous

Engel, M., Claessens, A., & Watts, T.W. (under review) Socioeconomic Inequality at School Entry: A Cross-Cohort Comparison of Families and Schools inequality research brief AERA

Engel, M. & Curran, F.C. (conditionally accepted). Toward Understanding Principals’ Hiring Preferences. Principal Paper JEA cond accept

Journal Articles

Engel, M. & Cannata, M. (2015) Localism and Teacher Labor Markets: How Geography and Decision-Making May Contribute to Inequality. Peabody Journal of Education 90(1), 84-92.
Working paper version here: Localism in Teacher Labor Markets PJE

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Engel, M. & Finch, M. (2015) Staffing the Classrooms: How Urban Principals Find Teachers and Make Hiring Decisions. Leadership and Policy in Schools. 14(1), 12-41
Working paper version here: CPSHiring_LeadershipandPolicyinSchools_revised

Claessens, A., Engel, M., & Curran, F.C. (forthcoming). The Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Outcomes during the First Years of Formal Schooling. Early Childhood Research Quarterly
Working paper version here: depression_paper_sept2014

Duncan, G.J., Engel, M., Claessens, A., & Dowsett, C.J. (2014). Replication and Robustness in Developmental Research. Developmental Psychology. [Link]

Claessens, A., Engel, M., & Curran, F.C. (2014). Academic Content, Student Learning, and the Persistence of Preschool Effects. American Educational Research Journal [Link]

Engel, M., Jacob, B.A., & Curran, F.C. (2014). New Evidence on Teacher Labor Supply. American Educational Research Journal [Link]

Engel, M. (2013). Problematic Preferences? A Mixed Method Examination of What Principals Look for when Hiring Teachers. Educational Administration Quarterly [Link]

Engel, M., Claessens, A., & Finch, M. (2013). Teaching Students What They Already Know? The (mis)alignment between instructional content in mathematics and student knowledge in kindergarten. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis [Link]

Claessens, A. & Engel, M. (2013). How Important is Where You Start? Early mathematics knowledge and later school success. Teachers College Record.

Engel, M. (2012). The Timing of Teacher Hires and Teacher Qualifications: Is there an Association? Teachers College Record [Link]

Cannata, M. & Engel, M. (2012). Does Charter Status Determine Preferences? Comparing the Hiring Preferences of Charter and Traditional Public School Principals. Education Finance and Policy[Link]

Siegler, R.S., Duncan, G.J., Davis-Kean, P.E., Duckworth, K., Claessens, A., Engel, M., Susperrguy, M.I., Chen, M., (2012). Precursors of High School Mathematics Achievement. Psychological Science23(7), 691-697.

Claessens, A., Duncan, G. J., & Engel, M. (2009). Kindergarten Skills and Fifth Grade Achievement: Evidence from the ECLS-K.  Economics of Education Review 28(4). 415-427. [Link]

Duncan, G.J., Dowsett, C.J., Claessens, A., Magnuson, K., Huston, A.C., Klebanov, P., Pagani, L., Feinstein, L., Engel, M., Brooks-Gunn, J., Sexton, H., Duckworth, K., & Japel, C. (2007). School Readiness and Later Achievement.  Developmental Psychology 43(6). 1428-1466. [Link]

Stone, S.I., & Engel, M. (2007). “Same Old, Same Old? Students’ Experiences of Grade Retention Under Chicago’s Ending Social Promotion Policy.”  American Journal of Education. 113(4), 605-634. [Link]

Stone, S.I., Engel, M., Nagaoka, J., Roderick, M. (2005).  “Getting it the Second Time Around:  Student Classroom Experience in Chicago’s Summer Bridge Program.”  Teachers College Record, 107(5), 935-957. [Link]

Roderick, M. and M. Engel.  (2001) “The Grasshopper and The Ant: Motivational Responses of Low Achieving Students to High-Stakes Testing.”  Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 23(3), 197-227. [Link]


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