Working Papers

Engel, M., Claessens, A., & Watts, T.W. (under reivew). Rising Inequality at School Entry: A cross-cohort comparison inequality brief APPAM final with table

Engel, M. & Curran, F.C. (under review). Toward Understanding Principals’ Hiring Preferences. Principal Paper revised JEAnon-anon

Claessens, A., Engel, M., & Curran, F.C. (forthcoming in Early Childhood Research Quarterly). The Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Outcomes during the First Years of Formal Schooling. Working paper version here: depression_paper_sept2014

Engel, M. & Cannata, M. (forthcoming in Peabody Journal of Education). Localism and Teacher Labor Markets: How Geography and Decision-Making May Contribute to Inequality. Working paper version here: Localism in Teacher Labor Markets PJE

Engel, M., Claessens, A., Watts, T.W., & Farkas, G. (under review). The Misalignment of Kindergarten Mathematics content. Misalignment Replication_AERA 2015

Engel, M., Cannata, M., And Curran, F.C. Increased Principal Influence in Teacher Hiring: Documenting Changes Over Time SASS Principal Influence Paper APPAM

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