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Current faculty

The Top Bananas

Larry Rolen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

I am working in number theory and combinatorics. Previously, I have worked in Pennsylvania, Germany, and Ireland, and I have run and co-taught several undergraduate research summer programs. You can visit my website .

mark Mark Sapir, Centennial Professor of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

I am working in group theory, mostly in geometric, algorithmic and asymptotic parts on it.  The highest award I got was an invitation to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid, 2006. My Reddit IAMAVisit my website.

lori-rafter Lori Rafter, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director of Graduate Studies

moon Alice Mark, Senior Lecturer

Hackstadt_headshot Amber Hackstadt Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, VUMC

Graduate Student and Postdoc Assistants

mark Zach Tripp, PhD Student, Vanderbilt University

david-chan-80David Chan, PhD Student, Vanderbilt University

portraitWagner Ian Wagner, Postdoc, Vanderbilt University

profile Angelica Babei, Vanderbilt University

andrew-jarnevic Andrew Jarnevic, Vanderbilt University

brian-luczak Brian Luczak, Vanderbilt University