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Pinterest Tips for Businesses Category

5 Ways to Ensure Long-Term Success on Pinterest

Nov. 23, 2018—For the past few months, I’ve brought you guides, tools and tips to help you grow your business on Pinterest. I’ve taught you how to make a Pinterest business account, how to create the perfect Pin, how to upgrade your advertising with Pinterest Ads Manager, and how to optimize the platform for big events, seasons and special...

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Pinterest Analytics 101

Nov. 5, 2018—Pinterest Analytics provides you with valuable insights on your data within the platform. Using Pinterest Analytics, you can learn more about your audience, identify top performing pins and see page traffic information. The insights you gain from Pinterest Analytics can help you restructure your advertising and marketing strategy to be more successful in the future....

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How to Get Ahead on Pinterest

Oct. 23, 2018—By now, you’ve learned how to create the best Pins and master Pinterest advertising. This week, we’re moving on from the nitty gritty and getting into the fun stuff: holidays, seasons, big events and special moments. Ever browsed Pinterest for holiday table setting inspiration or DIY Halloween costumes? Ever done it months ahead of time?...

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Pinterest Ads Manager 101

Oct. 1, 2018—As I showed you last month with my guide to creating the ideal Pin, your brand’s organic Pinterest presence is a vital component to success on the platform. But, in order to truly master using Pinterest for marketing and advertising your business, it’s important to understand how to maintain a successful paid Pinterest presence as...

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5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Pin

Sep. 25, 2018—Chances are, you’re well aware of the impact that using Pinterest can have for your small business. With 200 million active users each month, the platform can be instrumental in generating awareness for your brand, increasing brand engagement or driving direct conversions on your products or services. At the heart of this social media giant...

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How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Sep. 15, 2018—Pinterest is an incredibly valuable platform for businesses looking to increase engagement with their offerings, grow their audience and generate direct sale conversions on products. Pinterest offers unique opportunities to market your products to its audience of 250 million active monthly users by creating engaging organic Pins. The platform is also a great place to advertise...

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