NCGOA Spring Institute 2014: Subfactors, CFT, and


A list of speakers with titles of their talks and links to abstracts will be posted here when they are available.  Talks will begin on Friday, May 2, 2014 at around 9:30am, and end on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at around 1pm.


Speaker Affiliation Minicourse Topic
Terry Gannon University of Alberta, Canada

Introduction to Conformal Field Theory

Masaki Izumi Kyoto University, Japan

Near Group Categories and Their Relatives: Cuntz Algebra Approach

Geoffrey Mason UC Santa Cruz Introduction to Vertex Operator Algebras
Scott Morrison Australian National University, Australia Problems in the Classification of Small Index Subfactors
David Penneys University of Toronto, Canada Introduction to Subfactors
Peter Teichner UC Berkeley and Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany Functorial Field Theories and Ring Spectra
Antony Wassermann Aix-en-Provence, France Operator Theoretic Aspects of Conformal Field Theory

Each mini-course will consist of 3 lectures. Click on the mini-course title to see an abstract (when available).

Invited Speakers

The following people have agreed to speak at this conference (please click on the title to see the abstract):

Speaker Affiliation Title of Talk
Marcel Bischoff University of Goettingen Topological Defects and Phase Boundaries in Algebraic Conformal Quantum Field Theory
Chongying Dong UC Santa Cruz

On Classification of Rational Vertex Operator Algebras with Central Charge 1

David Evans Cardiff University K-theory and Conformal Field Theory
Andre Henriques Universiteit Utrecht

A Categorification of the Notion of Von Neumann Algebra

Gerald Höhn Kansas State University

Mathieu Moonshine and the Geometry of Hyperkähler Manifolds

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi University of Tokyo Boundary Conformal Field Theory, Subfactors and Tensor Categories
Valerio Toledano Laredo Northeastern University Braid Groups, Flat Connections and Quantum Groups
James Lepowsky Rutgers Rational and Logarithmic Vertex Tensor Category Theory
Richard Ng Iowa State University and Louisiana State University Cauchy’s Theorem for Tensor Categories
Dmitri Pavlov University of Muenster Tomita-Takesaki Theory via Modular Algebras
Stephan Stolz University of Notre Dame Factorization Algebras and Functorial Field Theories
James Tener UC Berkeley Segal CFT at the Boundary
Dan Voiculescu UC Berkeley Bi-free Convolution in the Plane and the Simplest Bi-free R-transform
Feng Xu UC Riverside On Mirror Extensions of Vertex Algebras