Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University, May 1-7, 2015

Our campus Welcome to the homepage for the Thirteenth Annual Spring Institute Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras

This year’s topic is Operator Algebras and Approximation Properties of Groups. The Thirteenth Annual Spring Institute on Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras is a combination of spring school and international conference. During the school part of the meeting several mini-courses on a variety of topics from noncommutative geometry, operator algebras and related topics will be given by leading experts. The conference will consist of a number of invited research talks and short contributions. We strongly encourage students and postdocs to attend this conference. Please read the section on financial aid below regarding information on how to apply for financial support.

Minicourse Speakers

Alex FurmanUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoIntroduction to Measured Group Theory
Adrian IoanaUniversity of California, San DiegoSpectral Gap and Orbit Equivalence Rigidity for Translation Actions
Sorin PopaUniversity of California, Los AngelesSome Analysis Techniques in II_1 Factors
Andreas ThomTechnische Universität DresdenFinite-dimensional Approximation Properties of Groups and their Applications

Invited Speakers

Vadim AlekseevGeorg-August-Universität GöttingenDerivations on von Neumann Algebras and L^2-cohomology
Remi BoutonnetUniversity of California, San DiegoSpectral Gap for Translation Actions on Locally Compact Groups
Mike CantrellUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoAsymptotic Shape of Equivariant Random Metrics on Nilpotent Groups
Ionut ChifanUniversity of IowaRigidity Aspects in the von Neumann Algebras Associated with Surface Braid Groups
Darren CreutzVanderbilt UniversityHarmonic Maps on Groups
Alexander FishUniversity of SydneyErgodic Theorems for Amenable Groups
Uffe HaagerupUniversity of CopenhagenThe Thompson Groups F, T, V and their C* and Von Neumann Algebras
Cyril HoudayerUniversité Paris-Est – Marne-la-ValléeUnique Prime Factorization and Bicentralizer Problem for a Class of Type III Factors
Narutaka OzawaRIMS, Kyoto UniversityThe Furstenberg Boundary and C*-simplicity
Henrik Densing PetersenEPF LausanneQuasi-isometries of Nilpotent Groups
Sven RaumRIMS, Kyoto University and University of MünsterPowers Group Methods for Locally Compact Groups Acting on Trees
Roman SauerKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyProfinite Actions and Homology Growth of Aspherical Riemannian Manifolds
Thomas SinclairIndiana UniversityOmitting Types in C*-algebras
Todor TsankovInstitut de Mathématiques de JussieuOligomorphic Groups: Representations, Property (T), and Measure-preserving Actions
Robin Tucker-DrobRutgers UniversityJones-Schmidt Stability and Relative Property (T)
Stefaan VaesKU LeuvenRepresentation Theory for Subfactors, λ-lattices and C*-tensor Categories
Alain ValetteUniversité de NeuchâtelWeak Amenability and Haagerup Property for Generalized Baumslag Solitar Groups
Chenxu WenVanderbilt UniversityInjectivity and Disjointness for the Radial Masa
Guoliang YuTexas A&MDynamics and K-theory


All participants, including mini-course speakers and invited speakers, are asked to register online. All questions should be directed to If you intend to request support, please read the section Reimbursement Policy. There will be a registration fee of $50. Payment by cash or check is accepted at the conference.

Financial Aid

Financial support will be available to (partially) fund graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other participants without grant support. We encourage those of you who are asking for support to share accommodations. If you plan to apply for funding, please fill out the “Request Financial Support” portion of the registration form. International participants need to fill out a Business Visitor Questionnaire. Please submit your request for financial support by March 14, 2015. Late applications will be considered as long as financial support is available. Note that we are unable to provide any support in advance.


Funding for the Thirteenth Annual Spring Institute on Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras is provided by the National Science Foundation and both the College of Arts & Science and the Department of Mathematics at Vanderbilt University. We are grateful for their support.

Organizing Committee

Dietmar Bisch, Vanderbilt University
Jesse Peterson, Vanderbilt University
Vaughan Jones, Vanderbilt University