Shanks Workshop “Dynamics of interfaces and structures in fluid flows”

Department of Mathematics
Vanderbilt University
October 18-19, 2008

Organizers: Emmanuele DiBenedetto, Misha Perepelitsa, Gieri Simonett

List of Participants:

  • David Ambrose, Drexel University
  • Gui Qiang Chen, Northwestern University
  • Alex Cheskidov, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Peter Constantin, University of Chicago
  • Emmanuele DiBenedetto, Vanderbilt University
  • Giovanni P. Galdi, University of Pittsburgh
  • Misha Perepelitsa, Vanderbilt University
  • Gieri Simonett, Vanderbilt University
  • Steve Shkoller, University of California, Davis
  • Roman Shvydkoy, University of Illinois, Chicago


The program of the workshop

Abstracts and participant information


Travel Information:

Getting to Vanderbilt. How to get to Nashville, and then how to get to the Vanderbilt area.

Campus map which shows Holiday Inn and the math department.

Parking at Vanderbilt. A map of visitor parking sites. Wesley Parking on 21st ave. is the closest to the Department (Stevenson Center).


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