Welcome to A People’s Guide to Nashville.

Nashville is undergoing significant and rapid transformation, earning national recognition for achievements in arenas including music, culinary arts, and tech industries while simultaneously becoming an important destination for migration of both national and international populations. This attention has brought visitors and residents from around the world. But the buzz about being the “It City” doesn’t do justice to all that Nashville has been, is today, and might yet become. The time is right to provide newcomers and existing residents with a chance to learn about the social, political, economic and cultural forces that have and continue to shape our city.

Having generated some of the earliest sit-ins in the Civil Rights Movement and buried one of the nation’s most prominent black music centers beneath a freeway, Nashville has long served as a compelling site of tension between social inequality and social justice organizing. This tension continues today, as Nashville faces a new generation of policies targeting poor people, people of color, workers, and immigrants, while launching some of the most exciting organizing of undocumented youth and poor people’s movements in the country.

A People’s Guide to Nashville is a chance for Nashvillians to tell a fuller story of the city, one that complicates and unresolves the dominant narratives of the city while celebrating those who have worked – and are still working – to shape the city as a space of inclusion and equity.

A People’s Guide to Nashville – Write Your History